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    Office: 408-909-9696
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    Office: 408-909-9696
    Fax:    408-922-9969
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    Whether you are a new attorney or a seasoned lawyer with experience, you may find Sal’s counsel and guidance valuable involving your client's case. Sal can be retained as an advisor on your case to answer questions regarding strategies and related issues.

    Some of the many areas Sal's expertise can prove invaluable assisting you in achieving success are

    • Case selection -- is this a case that can be won? At what cost? Where should it be venued for best results?
    • Finding liability evidence
    • Evaluating comparitive negligence risks & developing ways to eliminate/reduce those risks
    • Advice & guidance on discovery, lay & adverse witness depositions
    • Guidance in prioritizing discovery & depositions to increase potential for early settlement
    • Determining what experts are necessary and who are not.
    • Guidance on how to select the right experts for the case & work with each expert to maximize case potential and minimize costs
    • Developing medical damages & residuals
    • How and when to convert your treating doctor into your expert
    • Avoiding loss of time & costs in unnecessary areas of case
    • Developing liability theories, theme, strategies, and tactics that increase settlement value and trial success
    • Guidance on mediation, arbitration & settlement negotiations
    • Guidance on trial preparation & the presentation of the case at trial
    • Approaches to specific problems arising during voir dire, witness examinations, evidentiary problems, and jury instructions
    • Proper and efficient use of current trial technology to maximize a clear and convincing presentation
    • Guidance on handling the difficult or adverse trial judge
    • Guidance on determining/handling post-trial motions/issues.

    Call us at 800-810-3711 or contact us by email to schedule a consultation regarding an advisory role.

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