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    Office: 408-909-9696
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    Email: salvador@liccardo.com

    Office: 408-909-9696
    Fax:    408-922-9969
    Email: katy@liccardo.com

    14435C Big Basin Way, #242
    Saratoga, CA  95070
    Mailing Address:
    409 N. Pacific Coast Hwy, #805
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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    Plaintiff Magazine "Old Warriors: Don't Mention the "R" word to this
    over-70 club. Old Warrior's hearts are strong and their weapons are as
    effective and as deadly as ever."


    Plaintiff Magazine "Profile Sal Liccardo: Determination and drive reach
    worldwide. From $50 public defender cases to million dollar lawsuits,
    Sal Liccardo's career spans 40 years - and he's still in the courtroom."


    Author, Silicon Valley - Business Journal, June 6, 2003, vol. 21, No. 4,
    "Frivolous Lawsuits Don't Often Survive Court System."


    Cover Story, Saratoga News, April 23, 2003, Vol. 49, No. 17, "Trying
    Times --- Saratogan Sal Liccardo, a Long Time Advocate for Justice."


    Published Press Interview, "silicon Valley Biz Ink, March 7-13, 2003,
    Vol. 3, No. 26, "Russia's Legal Evolution Betters Investments"


    Subject of Focus Story, 50+ Magazine, February 2003, Vol, 3, No. 2,
    "Skills as a story teller keep trial lawyer Sal Liccardo in demand."


    Author, Mealey's Litigation Reports, Breast Implants, July 29, 1993,
    Vol. 1, #18, Who Provided the "Junk Science?" Causation Evidence
    Between Silicone and Autoimmune Disease


    Author, Forum, California Trial Lawyers Assn., May '93, Volume 23,
    Number 4, Who Provided the "Junk Science?" Causation Evidence
    Between Silicone & Autoimmune Disease


    Author, Proof of Facts 3d, Volume 7, "Defective Design of Golf Cart,"
    Bancroft Whitney


    Author, Am Jur Trials, Vol. 39, "Golf Cart Accidents," Bancroft Whitney,
    p. 333


    California Trial Lawyers Association, Journal, Editor-in-Chief


    Author of "Merger of Tort Concepts to Eradicate Slums - Premise
    Liability, Product Liability and Professional Negligence Team Up"
    (California Trial Lawyers Association, Journal, Vol. 19, #1)


    Contributor to "Million Dollar Arguments" Cassette Tape Series,
    Professional Techniques Library, Dallas, Texas


    Author of "Consumer's Right to Know - A New Horizon in Drug Product
    Liability" (Journal of Products Liability, Vol. 1, #3)



    Some of his most notable are:

    2016  Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association Lecture, “Slip and Fall Cases Are Stealth Winners, Not Losers”
    2015 Belli Lecture, "How To Detect Latent Severe Residual Injuries In Leg and Head Injuries”
    2006 COAC Tahoe seminar on "Cross Examination of the Defense Neuropsychologist"
    2003-In Continuum The International Academy of Trial Lawyers on the "American Rule of Law" for the "China Program" for Chinese Government Lawyers
    2001 Consumer Attorneys of California, "Wisdom Of The Sages"
    1997 Consumer Attorneys of California, "The Future of Silicone Breast Implant Litigation and the Science of Causation"
    1995 Consumer Attorneys of California, "What You Need to Know About the Trial of a Breast Implant Case"
    1994 CTLA 29th Annual Tahoe Convention, "Developing and Utilizing Expert Witnesses in Complex Products Cases: From Autos to Breast Implants"
    1994 CTLA's National Conference on How to Try a Breast Implant Case, "What You Need to Know About Each Defendant: 'The Dow Family'"
    1993 ATLA's National College of Advocacy, Dallas, "Expert Witnesses in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Cases: Your Key to Success"
    1993 CTLA 28th Annual Tahoe Convention, "The Raging Battle of Breast Implant Litigation"
    1993 Convention, Acapulco, Mexico, Silicone Breast Implant Litigation Panel, "Science and Litigation Update"
    1992 Andrew's Publication - Philadelphia, PA, "Liability of Joint Venturers & Component Manufacturers" for Breast Implant Litigation
    1992 ATLA - Chicago, Ill. "Liability of Joint Venturers & Component Manufacturers", Breast Implant Litigation Section
    1992 Inner Circle of Advocates '92 Convention, "Silicone Breast Implant Litigation"
    1992 CTLA-San Francisco Convention, "The Breast Implant Litigation: Fact or Fiction"
    1991 CTLA "Liability and Damages Resulting From Chemical Exposure From an Implanted Medical Device" (Silicone Breast Implant Litigation)
    1991 SCTLA/Bancroft-Whitney "Evaluation and Settlement"
    1991 Inner Circle of Advocates '91 Convention, Santa Fe, New Mexico, "Silicone Breast Implant Litigation"
    1990 Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association "Cases on the Cutting Edge of Litigation"
    1990 ATLA - "Recognizing the Crash worthiness Issue in the Auto Collision Case"
    1990 Texas Trial Lawyers Association "Public Justice and the Trial Lawyer"
    1990 Michigan Trial Lawyers Association "Constitutional Torts", Maui, Hawaii
    1986 Rutter Group on Proposition 51 Panel (Comparative Negligence)
    1983 Kansas Trial Lawyers Association "Crown Center Seminar", "Merger of Tort Concepts to Eradicate Slums - Premise Liability, Product Liability and Professional Negligence Team Up"
    1983 National Association of Legal Investigators Convention, Oregon, on the subject of automobile rollover crash worthiness cases
    1975-76 Faculty, Santa Clara County Bar Trial Advocacy College

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